Crafting an
experience of home,
detail by detail.

Thoughtfully designed, expertly built. At Gatehouse, our passion is building homes where quality and craftsmanship speak for themselves.

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  • Custom Thinking

    Bringing a bespoke mindset to every home we build.

    As experienced builders, we know that an exceptional home comes down to considered details. Every Gatehouse home is designed with the homeowner’s lifestyle and needs in mind.

  • Craftsmanship

    Driven by a respect for the materials and craft.

    Craftsmanship comes naturally when you take pride in your work. We partner with highly skilled trades who share our belief that corners should be square—not cut.

  • Design Driven

    Outstanding design is woven into our DNA.

    From curated colour palettes to meticulous lighting design, we care about individual details—and how they come together in a home. We thoughtfully plan every aspect with livability and ease in mind.

Who We Are
  • As Vice President and Head of Design and Marketing, Jillian brings a detailed eye to every Gatehouse project.

  • Quality and craftsmanship are imperative for President, Mike Shepherd.

Dedicated, collaborative and passionate about our work.

Whatever task is in front of us, we believe in doing it right. Each member of the Gatehouse team shares the same commitment to quality, respect for skill and drive to elevate the industry.

2023 Finalists
  • Best Multi Family Townhome
2023 Member
2020 Award Winners
  • Best Interior Design Custom Residence (New)
  • Best Kitchen Design under $65,000 (New)
  • Grand Category Single Family Production Winner of the Year
2020 Award Finalists
  • Best Detached Production Home under 1,800 sqft
  • Best Bathroom under 130 sqft
2018 Award Finalists
  • Single Family Detached Home Over 2,300 Sq. Ft under $650,000 – Aquadel Crossing - Lot 41
Meet Our Team
Mike Shepherd - Photo
Mike Shepherd
Jillian Shepherd - Photo
Jillian Shepherd
Vice President and Head of Design and Marketing
Jeff Webb - Photo
Jeff Webb
General Manager
Zerxes Bhathena - Photo
Zerxes Bhathena
Investor Relations
Kamala Wahler - Photo
Kamala Wahler
Kevin Lesowski - Photo
Kevin Lesowski
Project Coordinator
Michael Kuzonski - Photo
Michael Kuzonski
Project Superintendent
Jordan Fisher - Photo
Jordan Fisher
Assistant Superintendent
Tarrance Day - Photo
Tarrance Day
Quality Control Finishing Technician
Jess Gleason - Photo
Jess Gleason
Marketing Coordinator + Graphic Designer
Alexandra Piers - Photo
Alexandra Piers
Office Administrator
Josh Turner - Photo
Josh Turner
Vice President of Development
Kyle Weiher - Photo
Kyle Weiher
Vice President of Construction
Philip Sprentzel - Photo
Philip Sprentzel
Site Safety
Thomas Monteith - Photo
Thomas Monteith
Chief Financial Officer
Aaron Baker - Photo
Aaron Baker
Project Estimator
Jenna McEwan - Photo
Jenna McEwan
Construction Site Attendant
Lindy Wei - Photo
Lindy Wei
CPA, CMA Controller
Zinia Flores - Photo
Zinia Flores
Design Assistant
Kendra Spencer-Cloutier - Photo
Kendra Spencer-Cloutier
Project Controller
Artur Dabrowski - Photo
Artur Dabrowski
Site Superintendent
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